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Welcome to Soul Stryde! My name is Alicia, your personal coach. I am a certified Life Coaching born and raised in Vancouver, BC. I am excited for the opportunity to help YOU stryde to a meaningful life that YOU truly love. Soul Stryde is essentially what you and I will work on during our sessions together – helping you stride forward, from within¬† which means: finding out what YOUR soul desires most, and going for it (there’s a method!), no matter how scary it may seem. Of course it’s a process, but one that will ultimately change your life in unimaginable ways. Dreams really do come true (with work!).

There have been several underlying forces over time that have led me to this point. I have always been interested in psychology, sociology, philosophy. It’s deeply ingrained in me to authentically help others, so for me, helping YOU, is my dream come true.

I remember as a young child, I enjoyed carrying the groceries (heavy ones too!) for my mom who had arthritis. I didn’t want her fingers to hurt from carrying those heavy bags. I imagined the pain she must endure and would rather I take on some pain myself rather than her take on a lot of pain. I would voluntarily clean the house and I enjoyed what that did for my mom. Over the years, people have naturally gravitated to me, confiding in me by sharing their emotions, or personal life scenarios. I genuinely enjoy lending a sympathetic ear. I enjoy letting others know they matter, and that I’m here to listen.

I haven’t had an easy life but how many of us have? Life is full of setbacks, hurdles, bumps, you name it. Do they ever stop? Not usually, unless you come from a different planet. At a young age, many of us have the toughest time dealing with these setbacks as we are just learning how to deal with certain situations for the first time. That’s why part of my mission is to help young children and teens with ways to decrease the adverse effects of setbacks, and to build resilience. Also, helping them develop a growth mindset, providing a positive head start in life.

In school, kids/teens are taught the ABCs, 123s, etc, but what about important life skills, to carry them through tough times at school, at home, with friends, with partners, bullying, etc. How about providing them with an opportunity to discover and develop their own sense of self and values, without others’ influence? Maybe this would change their entire life direction¬† who they choose to hang out with, how they choose a career, how they relate to others, how they choose to react in certain situations, etc.

Through my own personal experiences and setbacks (believe me, I’ve had a few!), I have learned so much about myself and life. Life will pass you by. So I ask you this: are you in a relationship that brings you down instead of up? Are you in a 9-5 you can’t stand? Are you unhappy with your weight or health? Do you feel like you are living your life authentically – to its fullest potential?

One thing I have used as my own therapy is the gym. People ask if I compete, and I tell them I do it for myself. We deserve to look good, feel good. I believe exercise can be a true form of therapy! What you think about while lifting or running, your mindset, your consistency, your outlook, your confidence, your body and health, will change your life. I can teach you ways to have focused workouts, to release any negative, or pent up feelings/energy and make your workouts even more powerful, all through using psychology and your very own life experiences!

This is just one way to help you stryde forward. The life coaching sessions we do together will open your eyes to who you are, what you want, and how to get there.

I look forward to helping your soul stryde forward. I look forward to seeing your smile when your reach your goals and fullest potential.

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