A legacy is something we as humans want. We don’t want to go unnoticed. Your legacy is linked to your purpose.

We want to know that our lives mattered and that our lives had some sort of significance. But who exactly does this matter to? Ultimately it matters to the self, or ego-self, because only YOU will feel in alignment and that your life matters if you believe you are working towards your legacy – whether that’s making an impact on the general public, family, friends, in an industry, or a combination of these. If you feel you are striving to make an impact somehow then you are living your legacy and it wouldn’t matter what others think

A lot of people place a lot of weight on their professional legacy – that which will remain after their gone and how they’ll be remembered for what they have contributed to the world through their company, their leadership position, or their industry. But, you can also leave a legacy through friends and family, or other areas of life.

During life coaching sessions I often ask my clients to consider this: if you left this world today, what would your legacy be? Or in other words, what is your purpose?

For some, this is a tough question to answer. But here are some tips to follow in uncovering your legacy.


One of the most important question to ask yourself is: Why do you do what you do?

What drives you intrinsically?

Your “why” is connected to your interests, passions, and values.

Your “why” also determines how you want to impact the world. You will feel a sense of satisfaction even through the ups and downs and you will be functioning from an authentic place that resonates with your true self.


Another good question to ask yourself is: What matters most to you?

Your WHY and WHAT matters most to you are closely related.

Take some time to close your eyes and reflect on your life journey to determine which events were meaningful and what times you felt most alive: Were you helping others? Mentoring and inspiring others? Thinking of ways to improve the environment? Taking care of your family? Or was it a combination of these or other things?

Keep in mind, you can have more than one thing that resonates with what matters to you.  You can build a legacy with both your family and your work for example.


Who do you want to impact?

The strength of your legacy is directly related to the impact it has on others.

You must contemplate who you want to impact so that your legacy lives on: your team and colleagues? The general public? Your employees? Your customers and clients? Your industry? Family and friends?


Once you have uncovered these questions, the next step is setting goals to achieve your legacy.  

Sometimes people require some help with goal setting and this is where a life coach proves to be helpful. A life coach also holds you accountable to ensure that you follow through on your intentions.

Keep in mind that goals can not be too generalized such as “I want to do better at my job, or I want to be there for my family and friends more.” Although these are good first steps towards achieving your goals, goals should have the following attributes:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-based
  • Emotionally driven (your WHY)
  • Realistic

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