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Personal coaching services online is akin to coaching with live interaction, but everything is done online. To make appointments with me, you’ll agree to a scheduled day and time. When you report on your session progress, you’ll write about your successes, challenges, action items, and goals. With online sessions you can still have a transformational life coaching experience!

I will promptly respond to your advancement and efforts. I will ask particular powerful questions, helping you move forward in your life goals. In turn, you can respond, and we have a substantial exchange, with everything done online!

In between session days, I may assign homework or action items to help you advance forward. Homework tasks will help clear any issues that arise during your regular coaching work. You will be pushed to take inventory and measure where you are in the process. These assignments will help you set further smaller goals to ensure you reach your end goal. As the coach, I will create and provide resources as well as request feedback.

Alternatively, I host convenient FaceTime sessions so we have the face-to-face interaction yet we may be in two different locations even across the globe! For some, this may suit them better than simply writing in. Face- to-face online sessions allow me to pick up on subtleties like facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, which might provide me with insight into your true feelings.

My coaching services online can be a great way of helping you reach success, especially if you do not reside in Vancouver, BC. During sessions it is imperative that there are no distractions (dogs, children crying or talking, music, TV, etc.). Distractions greatly impact the overall life coach experience. I can coach kids, teens, and adults over FaceTime in the convenience of their own home.

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