Performance and Fitness coaching

Performance coaching caters to elite athletes or beginners, allowing each athlete to effectively develop both personal and team goals. Confidence, and goal setting, along with stress management is learned through several techniques and practices. Performance coaching allows the athlete to be well-prepared psychologically and physically to consistently deliver the ultimate performance.

This coached workshop, or individual sessions, covers mindset, imagery, goal-setting, leadership skills, how you operate individually, and as a team member.

Exploring the importance of mindset in any athletic performance is key to success. What we think we can do, what we think of ourselves, what we envision during athletic performance affects the outcome.

Imagery is similar to mindset in that, our minds envision particular things while performing, which can directly impact the outcome. Imagine how you would perform by envisioning yourself reaching that finish line with power and strength! Now imagine yourself focusing on how tired you feel and envisioning yourself barely crossing the finish line. What we think about, we bring about. Your mind has immense power to overcome huge setbacks, if you allow it.

Goal Coaching and Setting Vancouver

Goal setting is crucial in planning out exactly how you plan on reaching your goal. Consistency and variation in physical training is very important to maximize benefits of training. Similarly, nutrition and a healthy relationship with food can influence your progress and goals. During lifestyle coaching sessions we can discuss nutrition and weight loss if that is one of your goals.

While setting goals, we keep in mind that the goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely, and emotional motivation, and realistic. Specific means, for example, not only do I only want to lose weight I want to lose X amount of body fat.

So there is a specific goal to strive towards which is clear, with no room to waiver if the goal was not as specified. Measuring a goal is equally as important because how will you know if you’re making progress if you don’t measure how close (or far) you are from your goal. Making a goal achievable is also part of helping you reach your goal. Although it is tempting to reach for the start so to speak, it’s important to make sure the goal is indeed achievable. Instead of saying you want to make 1 billion dollars, maybe a more achievable goal might be to make $300,000 in one year.

Once you achieve this step then you can reach further. Relevant. Are your goals relevant to your life? Is the goal aligned with your values, interests, overall life dream? It’s an important question to ask yourself. Goals should be timely. During a coaching session we can come up with an appropriate time frame for which you can achieve your goal.

The emotional motivation aspect of goal setting ties in with relevant because again, you want to make sure that the goal aligns with your values, and what you truly want, it has to have an emotional pull. Realistic encompasses timely, and measurable.


Active Bodies Create Active Minds

I am a firm believer that physical activity is the best medicine for any stress, and even mental conditions. I have personally experienced living a life with consistent exercise, and it can be beneficial for increasing self-image, self-esteem, both physical and mental strength. It can even help with overcoming addiction. When you feel good physically and mentally, you won’t have the same strong desire to grab that doughnut or glass of wine nearly as much.

Exercise, especially vigorous exercise can also be used as an emotional release. The key with exercise is consistency.

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