Have you been feeling ?stuck in the sand? over the past year, or years? The New Year is fast approaching… yes, it?s that time already!

What will the year 2020 bring for you?

Do you make New Year?s resolutions to mindfully shape your future? Making a New Year?s resolution demonstrates ambition and personal responsibility for your future, and that?s big. Whether it happens at New Year?s or at any time of the year, what matters is that YOU take control.

How often have you achieved your New Year?s goals? And what types of goals are you striving for?

Some of the best life coaches help their clients achieve their maximum human potential. During my life coaching sessions with clients, many of them convey a desire to achieve a specific goal during the goal setting process. More often than not, their original goal that they came to me with turns out to be more of a stepping stone. Sometimes it?s a goal they think they desire. After discussing why they want the goal, what it means to them, and what they value, other aspirations or goals surface. These new revamped goals get the client more excited than ever expected. It may be something they have never thought about before. It all boils down to human potential.

What is human potential? How is it measured?

What if your goal has always been to run a 10K marathon. You believe that distance is the most you could possibly run since you haven?t trained much, or aren?t especially physically fit. You strive for years to run that damn marathon. You put time in the gym and try your best to achieve that big goal of running a 10K. Finally, the big day arrives… after months of shedding sweat and maybe tears, you complete the marathon. You?re thrilled, of course. You are congratulated by friends and family, and you are undeniably proud of yourself.

What if you kept training and could achieve even more? What if you could do a 42 Km marathon? Some people stop at the 10K and don?t go further. This is where human potential comes in to play. What is the best that you could do if you really gave it a shot?

New Year?s is rolling through soon, and people are making goals. Strive further, dream your biggest dream and go for it. Keep in mind, that your dreams CAN be achieved although the timing for the end goal should be reasonable and the steps for those goals should be mapped out carefully.? Every successful person makes reaching their new goal part of their daily routine. If their goal is to be a novel writer for example, they will write every day. If they want to lose 20 pounds, they will incorporate exercise and healthy eating every single day! ?Accountability is key.

Your limits of potential are all in your mind. Whatever you decide you can do ? is what you will do. So I dare you to dream and decide on big goals for the year 2020 and beyond.