Have you ever thought about WHAT you wanted out of life?

Although you might work reallyyyy hard every day, is it something you actually want to work at?

Sometimes you know what you want … but perhaps you don?t know how to go about achieving it.

As a Life Coach, I encourage clients to dream!

Dreaming empowers you. It empowers you by enabling you to grow, to achieve, to surpass your fears. Each time a goal is reached you empower yourself.

So how exactly do you reach a goal? Goals that are labeled impossible can be achieved …however, if it seems overwhelming, it is beneficial to achieve smaller goals leading up to that massive goal. Each time you accomplish even a small goal, it empowers you – each and every time! ?

In order to achieve a larger end goal, it is advised to use SMARTER goals, which stands for:

S-specific.? Make your goal specific. The more specific your goal is, the more you know exactly what you are reaching for.

M-measurable. How will you measure your progress with concrete evidence? How will you know when you have reached your goal?

A-action plan. Do you have an outlined plan as to how you will achieve your goals? Do you have a daily routine that will help you get to where you want to be? Do you have your tasks scheduled?

R-realistic. ?Is the goal you have realistic? Again, it is OK to think outside the box and go big with setting a goal, just ensure it is something you can actually work towards. For example, if your goal was to live on Jupiter… is that a real possibility? ?

T-timely. Setting goals and planning a reasonable amount of time to achieve it is important. If you don?t allow yourself enough time to achieve it, you may feel overwhelmed, rushed, which could decrease motivation and the fun of the process.

E- emotional relevance. Does this goal you have excite you? Does it motivate you? You want to make sure your end goal is something that you feel an emotional pull towards. When emotion is involved, it affects how you operate and also your motivation level.

R-relevant. Is this goal in line with your values, purpose, vision, and mission in your life?

Another element that I add to SMARTER goals is accountability. Without accountability, one could easily get thrown off the band wagon. When you?re feeling tired or sad, it can be easy to give up.

Additionally, life circumstances may change unexpectedly. With those changes should come some flexibility with goals. Sometimes experiences happen that compel us to revise our values and beliefs, driving us in a different direction. Goals can be revamped, revised, re-planned.

As a life coach, I help my clients with SMARTER goals. Throughout the process, I have witnessed my clients create immense positive shifts and achieve great life victories.

If you have a goal you would love to achieve, email Coach Alicia at: alicia@lifecoachingvancouver.ca