Teen and Kids Life Coaching Workshops

The younger years is a critical time for development and my life coach workshop equips teens and kids with important skills, contributing to a healthier, more productive life. Topics covered include: how to deal with setbacks, building resilience, discovering the authentic self, developing and practicing emotional awareness, growth mindset, and more.

By teaching kids/teens how the body functions and responds to stress is the first step in helping them understand that their emotional responses or state of mind produces direct effects on the body.

I provide ways to first recognize the mind and body state, I teach ways to handle stress, setbacks, and anxiety. One habit I strongly believe in, is the power of consistent exercise and its positive effects. This, and other healthy habits contributing to a healthier mindset. Focused exercise that uses the mind and body can rid the body of negative thoughts, or energy.

Another topic I cover with kids/teens is belief systems. Beliefs are thoughts we have about ourselves and the world around us, which affects how we move through life. Beliefs affect the decisions we make, and the value we place on ourselves.

Positive self-esteem or self-image is generally tough to develop for many teens and kids. Their bodies and minds are rapidly changing. They have increased responsibilities (sports, school work, future career, family situations, etc.), which can be a lot for them to handle. I test kids/teens on their current self-beliefs and give them ways of reframing or replacing negative beliefs with more positive ones. We run through exercises so they can see and feel the positive effects.

As adults, we strive to find a purposeful life with meaning. What if we introduced this topic to teens. Having a discussion gives them a fair opportunity to focus on what they really want from a career, and life. Many teens have zero clue about what career to pursue which can produce so much anxiety. The anxiety grows further when friends or family put the pressure on. Answering some thought-provoking questions and exploring their true values, teens can assess potential careers to pursue. The potential career options will genuinely align with who they are, and what they truly desire from within.

Additionally, I challenge teens on what they think they want or what they think is expected from them. Once they have an idea of what they truly value and what matters, they can start at a young age by exploring these areas. Most of us don’t do this until adulthood or even late adulthood. Therefore imagine the benefits if we started exploring this at a younger age!

The brain is malleable essentially, it’s like a muscle. When you challenge it, it gets stronger. The benefits of practicing self-care, self-awareness, and knowing how to deal with stress and setbacks have lifelong positive effects. By exploring values and beliefs, teens and kids can learn and explore more about themselves, and opportunities.


My goal as a coach is to help kids and teens develop these awesome skills so they can stryde forward in the best way possible.

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