We talk about the magic of a positive growth mindset in adults… how it can transform a person’s life in unimaginable ways producing better health, increased happiness, and even deeper pockets.

Some of us make a huge effort to cultivate such a mindset – attending personal growth seminars, reading an endless amount of books, practicing meditation, daily journaling, and more.

With the amount of mental illness running rampant in today’s world, with an estimated 1 in 4 people affected it comes as no surprise that many are trying to foster a healthy mindset. And it’s great!? Whether or not mental illness is present, the benefits of developing a positive growth mindset is tough, but well worth the effort.

The way we conduct ourselves, react to people and situations can all depend on our mindset.

Take for example a highly emotional and impulsive person who reacts to a miscommunication… they might think “I can’t believe this person said that about me?!” Their anger might drive them to confront the person inappropriately, perhaps even landing them for a day or more in the cell. In turn, this might be forever a negative situation attached to this person’s reputation. It can seem like a bad cycle of events.?

What if, this person had learned early on to take a step back from a situation before reacting? What if we all had the skills to challenge our own thoughts, instead of assuming… and so forth. What if we were able to develop this mindset in children? Would children be more resilient, have less amounts of stress, anxiety, or depression? Would there be less bullying? This positive growth mindset can mean the difference between developing negative feelings, and overcoming or replacing negative thoughts with more constructive ones. ?

We can learn to replace certain thoughts with more kind and compassionate ones, towards ourselves and others.

Our children today become our society. Let’s create a better society by teaching children from a young age some of this mindset stuff! I know I will be working towards this.